This morning you received am email from a Search Firm, it happens a lot now!!  A lot of opportunities with new challenges. Usually you don’t have time to reply or you’re not really open to responding, but is this the correct way to handle this?

What is the best way to manage my relationship with Search firms? Well, some advice can be useful:

First, clear you mind

It’s January, a new year, new resolutions… And you have to know if you are in the right place. Do you enjoy your job, your colleagues, your boss? Do you have a clear target for the coming year? Are you stuck in your current position? Are well payed? Is it your dream job?Sometimes you don’t have time to analyze your own situation, but you need to be clear and honest with yourself and answer these questions.

Then you can reply to the Search Firms. Even if today you’re perfectly fine with your current job and position, tomorrow may be different. And maybe your dream job is out there, but you’ll never know by ignoring the email.

Second piece of advice

Even if you are or not interested in a new job or a new position, try to have a quick phone call with the consultant. Why? Because you will not waste your time!! You can get information about the market and benchmark your current position with this opportunity. Or at least send an email.

Third piece of advice

If you start the process and you’ve got a proposal do not use it as leverage within your current position. That’s why you need to clear your mind before starting with the recruitment process.

Count-offer is always a tricky part especially when you’re not fully sure. Your employer will try to keep you on board, but ask yourself this question. Why is my employer now offering me an increase, or a new job title today and why not before? What will be my situation in this company if I stay? Do I still have opportunities within this company?

And lastly, what about my reputation? Search Firms will remember me as an unreliable candidate and more importantly, my potential ex-future employer will also remember me…

So clear your mind, be open and be consistent with your choices.

Olivier and Christophe